Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meghan Monroe a great singer has been having me photograph her cd covers.

Meghan Monroe a great singer has been having me photograph her cd cover we just shot a new one yesterday will be out next week she is based here in Santa Barbara.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Great Boudoir photography shot yesterday I love the red color in this shot. I have been getting great reviews on these images . Santa Barbara photographer

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fashion photographer Madeleine Vite of has completed her 4th cowgirl magazine photo shot.

layout photoshot

Monday, November 10, 2014

Madeleine's Photography REVIEW'S from G+ Linked-in + Yelp

Lindsay L.
San Diago
I have chosen to work with Madeleine's Photography since 1985 for the many types of professional photography that I have needed- starting with an article that I wrote about Madeleine's business in the Santa Barbara Independent Newspaper.
Since then, I have continuously hired her to provide professional headshots for me for my real estate business and for personal photographs that I've shared with friends and family.  I also hired her to take several photographs that were published on the front covers of many phone books here in Southern California on behalf of the largest utility phone company.
Madeleine's skills and work ethic are impeccable; her personality is warm and inviting; and her resulting  photographs are of the highest quality.  I will trust no one else for any of my photographic needs- commercial or personal.

ZBE inc.
Mark Alen H.
Santa Barbara
For the past ten years, Madeleine's Photography has been providing our company (ZBE Inc. of Santa Barbara, CA) with excellent photographic products and she has been helping us to brand our company image. We are in the imaging business. We manufacture wide format photographic printing systems that are used world-wide in professional photographic labs. She does everything from advertising photography to giant 30 by 80 inch display photos for our trade shows that we do at Photokina in Cologne, Germany and PMA in Las Vegas. We use her images at trade-shows to show off the quality of our printing systems. We highly recommend her for any commercial photography needs. Madeleine's Photography recently put together a very well done, retirement video for one of our senior executives, who is......retiring. She did video interviews of all employees and and combined the interviews with still images. She produced a fantastic show.

Aloe Cadabra
Brian C.
Santa Barbara 
 Madeleine's commercial photography has been the basis for our new product launch, packaging and branding and achieved great success. We set out to create a health and beauty brand with strong emotive pull and strong differentiation using unique, ethereal imagery. Madeleine's photography achieved all of those things and our brand and packaging has since been recognized and embraced by major retailers, leading publications and consumers throughout the world. Madeleine captures the essence of who you are and adds to your core message with her creativity and ability to turn vision in to reality.

Geneva D
Santa Barbara 
Madeleine's artistry in photography comes thru the lens and onto the picture with results. The pictures are sheer art form at its best. They come alive off the paper! for business or pleasure, weddings, or showers, she brings out the most memorable photos one could hope to have. What a great asset to the Santa Barbara community. Photography and artistry with a fine eye for beauty. Thank you Madeleine for your talents and gifts.

Annalisa C 
Santa Barbara Ca 
Madeleine was the photographer that my company chose to do head shots for our website. She was on-time, professional, and very attentive to our needs (and things were hectic so we're super grateful for her patience!). I personally take the worst photos in the world because I hate the way that I smile. I described my problem to Madeleine and she gave me super constructive pointers throughout. Additionally, she showed me the pictures and had me pick the ones that I liked the best, and then she would take more pictures like that particular picture so that you have a lot to choose from. Plus she touches them up which is great. Her website also has some beautiful photos on it - I'm not sure if it was because she was the least expensive or because her webpage was so beautiful but whatever the reason, we were very happy with the outcome. Would highly recommend this person. Note - this is a professional photographer, not an amateur. She comes with tons of equipment and legitimate photog gear - which she carts in and out herself! Very impressive! Madeleine, those spin classes are definitely paying off!

Karen Smith Bogart
Board Director and Consultant

I have been very fortunate to work with many talented professional photographers across the world. Madeleine Vite is an extraordinary photographer. She blends an exceptional photographic “eye” and talents with creativity, risk, and a fresh passionate “edge”. She uniquely combines a photojournalistic style with fantasy, fun and aspiration. She makes all people beautiful in her images. Due to her inspiration, creative insights, warmth and talent, her subjects reveal their energy, emotions and inner confidence.

I asked Madeleine to shoot my wedding a year ago. She did a brilliant job. We had so many stunning images of everyone present during our special weekend to choose from for albums and gifts. Our guests were thrilled with her images. Additionally, Madeleine was delightful in her interactions with us, our families and friends before and during the events.

Madeleine has also done some photo work for one of my businesses. She was creative, flexible, efficient and produced beautiful results.

Madeleine Vite is wonderful. I heartedly recommend her. She is amazing!

Betty Frausto
Madeleine is one of the most AMAZING beautiful human beings I've ever met!!!  She has this bright loving energy about her that makes you feel so at peace and free. I did a lot of research to find a photographer with great talent but what Madeleine has is truly a gift . From the moment I saw her work I knew she was the go to photographer. Her work speaks for it's self without a doubt. Then when you meet her in person, you know why she stands out from the rest. I recommend Madeleine for any of your photography needs. She treats you with kindness and respect. I had a wonderful experience and can't imagine having anyone else as my photographer. I plan to do another shoot with her this summer. Thank you Madeleine for sharing your magic with me. You are truly gifted. Warm Regards,
Betty Frausto

Santa barbara
Pure joy Catering
I have worked with Madeline on a number of projects over the years. I must say, her passion for beauty, presentation and creativity is on another level.  Just a simple visit to her website quickly confirms this.
I find Madeline to be diligent, responsible and a pleasant woman to be around.  A blessing to anyone who places importance and high value upon the images that document your special moment...

Jordana S.
Santa Barbara 
 Astoundingly beautiful. Both in her work and as a human being, Madeleine is top notch. She took commercial pictures of me 25 years ago for a line of clothing. Since then, she has shot boudoir pictures of me and then pregnancy, family pictures, newborn and our baby pictures. Without question, she continues to outdo herself and is really in a league of her own. There is no comparison. Shooting with her is full of laughter and beautiful creativity. What stronger recommendation can I make than to tell you we have been clients for over 25 years and will continue to be. Frankly, I rave about her work every opportunity I get. It is the very lucky ones who shoot with her!
Valerie Girard
Santa Barbara
 Everyone I know who has gotten a head shot from has looked sooooo fantastic. Very impressed with the beauty that elicited from her coaching of her clients.

Donna Greene
Graphic Designer/Web Designer; Jazz/Blues Vocalist

Madeleine did a photo shoot for me a few days ago. I was *extremely* pleased with the results. She was fabulous to work with, had great ideas, and the results were beyond my expectations (which were already high, having looked over her body of work). She had researched what I do, how to best convey that to my audience, and come up with original ideas for the execution of those ideas. I was thrilled with the results!

Teri McDuffie
Owner, Santa Barbara Women's Self Defense
Madeleine is a unique and amazing Photographer, her vast experience, knowledge and insight is beyond what most Photographers have in their talents or skill level. I have worked for many years in the photo industry (20+ years) and have known MANY professional photographers and their work but Madeleine and her work stands alone with Class, Beauty, Essence of what she shoots being pulled out, and each one of her subjects telling a story without words. I would HIGHLY recommend her for any of your Professional shots, Personal shots, Event shooting or Family or Romantic Gifts..she is incredible!

Page Berse
Owner Absolutely Fabulous Glamour Studio
Madeline is an exceptional photographer with a real eye for beauty and capturing the best in each individual.Her art is not only creative and beautiful but cutting edge and orignal.I would recommend to anyone seeking out a high quality images be it for fashion layouts, personal portraiture or a steamy boudoir session.Her experience behind the camera and in life will transfer into priceless memories in the years to come.

arb Beainy
Wellness and Fitness Director at UC Santa Barbara

Simply put Madeleine is AMAZING! Madeleine photographed our wedding 4 years ago and we could not have been happier. To this day our friends and family cherish the photo's she took on our very special wedding day. She is such an extraordinary talent and a wonderful person to work with. I just recently hired Madeleine (again) to take pregnancy photo's for us. We were in absolute awe when we saw the final results! I never thought I would feel beautiful at 8 months pregnant, but some how Madeleine not only made me look beautiful in the photo's but also made me feel comfortable and beautiful taking the photo's. We will continue to use Madeleine for ALL of the important events that take place in our lives and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a creative, kind, and inspirational photographer. Once again, she is the best!

Christina Manos Bocek
Joy and Inc

When I was planning my wedding and I did extensive research before I contacted any service providers, but paid even more critical attention to choosing a photographer. I realized early on that my photographer was going to capture moments I would miss in the rush of getting married and celebrating, and I didn't want to lose those moments forever. Further (and equally important to any bride!) I wanted a photographer who would make me, and my new husband, look as if we were naturally photogenic. When I saw Madeleine's website, I knew I had found the right photographer. 
From the moment we met her, we were amazed and compelled by Madeleine's work. She knows so much about photography that she is almost blase about her depth of knowledge! She went out of her way to visit our wedding and reception sites to gauge the lighting in advance of our wedding, and to scout out the best "photo op" places for us. Everything she did to prepare shows: our wedding photos are the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen. And, even more important to a bride, Dan and I both look gorgeous in every single shot. Madeleine makes you look as beautiful as you dream of looking. She is worth every penny of her fee, and I would hire her again in the thump of a NY heartbeat. She's that good.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to photograph Items for sale with your Camera phone Santa Barbara calif

How to photograph Items for sale with your Camera phone
Here is a vase you want to sell.  Most people don’t think about the background, and that distracts from the object for sale.  
To make this plain dark background, we found a trash container behind the grocery store.  Madeleine happened to have with her a simple stool to set the vase on. 
Take numerous shots in the afternoon sunlight to get full detail, making sure your phone camera is on maximum resolution. 
In the ‘after picture’, the raw image was cropped so that the vase almost fills the frame, so that you can see more detail.  You can do this in your phone’s Photoshop or Snapseed app.  Usually, these apps will also let you enhance the contrast, so the object really pops against the plain dark background.
Here’s another example, again with before and after photographs. 
Madeleine says, “This is a pair of rough-looking men’s boots.  To accentuate that roughness, I took them on location behind my local grocery store.  Keep in mind, you want a solid backdrop so as not to distract from the item you are selling.  I then photographed them in open shade to get all the details with minimal shadows.
Here’s one of the raw images, before cropping or post-production tinkering:
I always take a lot of shots from different angles, because it’s hard to know in advance which will look best in close-up.  I chose the one below because I liked the look with the zipper.  I then cropped it using the Photoshop app in my phone;  the tighter cropping brings out the details.  I saved this version, uploaded it to my computer, and from there I posted it for sale on eBay.  
It was that easy!  And the boots sold in three days!
If what you want to sell is flat artwork, then it’s a good idea to photograph it flat on the ground, standing above the piece (but making sure that your shadow doesn’t cover any of what you want to shoot).  
Get a roll of grey medium-weight paper, which can be bought by the roll at most camera stores.  Lay it out and carefully place your artwork so that there are no wrinkles or shadows.  It’s best to take your pictures at high noon, with the sunlight shining straight down on the art piece;  this way there will be no shadows to get in your way.  
Stand on a step stool in front of and above the artwork.  Make sure you get the whole image in your viewfinder.  As much as possible, shoot from directly over the piece, so it doesn’t get distorted.  I shot this one in my driveway, on a very slight slope. 
If you’re shooting in full sun, your phone camera will probably set itself for the fastest shutter speed, and you’ll get the best details.  
Afterwards, you can crop the image with the trimming or cropping tool in Photoshop or in Snapseed.
My ebook is on amazon Camera Phone How to make Pro Photos
madeleine Vite Santa Barbara Calif

Friday, June 27, 2014

How To take good photos of your flat artwork with you iphone or any camera Santa Barbara Calif

If what you want to sell is flat artwork, then it’s a good idea to photograph it flat on the ground, standing above the piece (but making sure that your shadow doesn’t cover any of what you want to shoot).  
Get a roll of grey medium-weight paper, which can be bought by the roll at most camera stores.  Lay it out and carefully place your artwork so that there are no wrinkles or shadows.  It’s best to take your pictures at high noon, with the sunlight shining straight down on the art piece;  this way there will be no shadows to get in your way.  
Stand on a step stool in front of and above the artwork.  Make sure you get the whole image in your viewfinder.  As much as possible, shoot from directly over the piece, so it doesn’t get distorted.  I shot this one in my driveway, on a very slight slope. 
If you’re shooting in full sun, your phone camera will probably set itself for the fastest shutter speed, and you’ll get the best details.  

Afterwards, you can crop the image with the trimming or cropping tool in Photoshop or in Snapseed.
All Madeleine Vite ebooks are available at… for Kindle  : for Nook  :  iTunes to read on iBooks

 1. Camera Phone:  How to Make Pro Photos   

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Father 
Thats me top left taking a photo of my Dad my sister Yvonne in the middle he also had a dark room. Photo of us below is us today . Yes I am very Lucky to have my Dad in my life. He did much more then teach me how to take great pictures....Here is his story....I love my dad I call him Vati
Born in 1923 in Groß Jehser, a village in lower Lusatia, studied Jean Pierre Vité forestry in Tharandt,Hamburg and at the Forestry Faculty of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, münden, Lower Saxony Münden. There he became forest investigations about the ecological importance of spiders for the cohabitation of the forest in 1949 at Hermann August Eccleston (1897-1949) at theInstitute of forest zoology dissertation Dr.. his doctorate. Thus proved Vité very early interest in questions of ecology and environmental research, which were moved in the postwar period not long ago in the General consciousness. Already, his first publication, published in 1949, is titled the ecological structure of the forest. The two-volume book arose from his scientific work with various wood pests the wood-destroying insects of in Central Europe (1952/1953). in 1954 he habilitated in hannoversch Münden with the treatise the damage of the larch bubble foot (Taeniothripslaricivorus Krat) and its dissemination for the subject of "Forest zoology".

Vité went 1956 in the United States, where he for plant Research Institute from 1957 to 1973 at the Boyce Thompson headed the Department "Forest Biology". On behalf of the Institute, he established forestry research institutes in California and Texas, he was also been Director. TheInstitute granted him the freedom and the means for his pioneering investigations of the economic choice and the bark beetle pheromone biology also. He published his findings primarily in the publication series of contributions of the Boyce Thompson Institute. In addition, he taught StateUniversity in Corvallis, the University of California, Berkeley, and the Texas A & M University asa visiting professor at Oregon.

after receiving his doctorate in the post-war years in Northern Germany dealt calamity like Vité first with different forest insects, had occurred and caused some serious damage in the forests. As a so-called "bark beetle Commissioner" including Fritz Schwerdtfeger had been involved in the Harz mountains. More on larch pests, especially the larch bubble foot focused however, Vité. To which,he developed the binding procedure with systemic insecticides with which he was well known at a young age.

In the United States he conducted research at the Boyce Thompson Institute for plant research first on the water control system of conifers and dealt with the pressure of the resin as a criterion for the physiological state and resistance of conifers.

Since the early of 1960s Jean Pierre explored the communication system of the bark beetle - Vité here book printer and their pheromones.
These studies eventually led him to the question after host voting behavior of the bark beetle,which determined his scientific work since then. Since the beginning of the 1960s devoted Vité all the research of the communication system of the bark beetle and decipher its chemical signals, the pheromones. He laid down his findings, which he won in close collaboration with other professionals,in more than 100 publications alone from the time after 1960, who founded his worldwide scientific reputation.

The Lock stofffallen for bark beetles go back on the long-standing research Jean Pierre of Vités.
In Freiburg, he continued research into the chemical structures of the beetle-own fragrances atEuropean bark beetles from 1973. In fruitful team work with numerous scientists succeeded, to develop baited Lock stofffallen with synthetic pheromones of bark beetles and thus to introduce a completely new technology in forestry. The famous black Käfer fallen are now often seen in coniferous forests, go back to the long-term research of Vités. He was one of the pioneers of biological pest control in the forest. Today Lock stofffallen used but primarily for the monitoring and control of bark beetle populations, since their effects when outbreaks are very limited.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wedding photography

there are many #Wedding photographers and many #wedding photography price list and #wedding photo albums to chose from. and I had the great pleasure to capture this couples wedding

Monday, May 19, 2014

I Just photographed commercial images for this co. web sight head-shots and very small but powerful RF front-end technology cips

I Just photographed commercial images for this co. web sight head-shots and very small but powerful RF front-end technology chips 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Great valentine photography ideas as in valentine photography

I can see that valentine photography is starting to come back. I love creating valentine boudoir photography for my clients because I always use classy boudoir photography poses my entire bookBoudoir Photography tips for presenting today's stunning Women age 21 to 81 is all about that.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

quality photographic prints

Quality photographic prints are very important I really like fronts from wet chemicals with real photographic paper from the ZBE Pro-lab.Thes prints really

show the detail in the wedding dresses.
wedding prints personalized like wall art prints are very beautiful.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boudoir Photography Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81


Age 80
age 40
Were to SEE & BUY

Boudoir Photography 
Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81

Amazon Kindle
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For IPad & iPhone go to iTunes book store through your devices to buy.

Boudoir Photography 
Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81
Photos by  Madeleine Vite
Text by Kyre Adept
You can Buy this book at 
itunes-for ipad
amazon for kindle
barns & noble for the nook

Every woman has beauty to reveal, whether she is 21 or 81, or any age in between.
That is the main focus of this book: to show you how to bring that beauty to light.
Have you ever looked at a wonderful photograph of a woman in lingerie and thought,
“How can I do that?” This book is for you.
Have you ever wondered if/how you could look as delicious as that model? This book is
for you.
Have you ever despaired of showing your true beauty as a mature woman when all the
models seem so young and overly thin? This book is for you.
Have you ever taken picture after picture without quite knowing how to make it look as
utterly wonderful as the pros? This book is for you.
Just to start with, here is a before-and-after example what what boudoir photography
can do: a pretty woman made more beautiful by the right clothes, pose and makeup.
Lingerie photography is an emotional art form as well as an adventure for everyone
involved. Your camera - and the vision behind it - is like a magic wand that has the
ability to transform a humble caterpillar into a gorgeous butterfly. As you learn and
practice the techniques in this book, your own talent and ability to ‘see’ the beauty of
your models will give you more confidence. That will attract people you know, and
people you want to know, and you will delight in being able to show other women just
how wonderful they can look.
Seeing this beauty and learning to develop it through these techniques will encourage
your models and the people around them to appreciate qualities that might have been
hidden before. As you develop those ‘photographic muscles’, you will uncover the inner
rewards of your own creativity; these will enhance your life and make you feel valued
and appreciated. After all, as a photographer, you are doing something very special:
helping someone else feel beautiful and sexy at any time of her life.
Our aim here, as a photographer (Madeleine) and writer (Kyre) is to show you a picture
that you have never seen before: the image of yourself as a photographer capable of
greater images than you have achieved to date. We know that you are interested in
photography (or you wouldn’t have picked up this book), and we trust that with a little
coaching (and a few examples) your innate talent will be able to blossom to new
heights. Sometimes we need another person to share their techniques and also to hold
us to a new standard, in faith and trust. That is what we hope to do for you as you read
this book, try out these proven techniques, focus on the images we love to take, and
enjoy your own photographs (which will get better and better as you learn to ‘see’ the
various factors we discuss and demonstrate here).
As you can see from the Table of Contents, we have broken down the material into
manageable chunks. You can use this book any way you like: flip through at random,
work your way through the material sequentially, or just dive in at the chapters that
appeal to you the most. Everyone works in a different way, and our job is to provide the
material in ways that appeal to your logical left brain as well as your creative right brain.
When your whole brain works together as one, the results can be outstanding!
So we start with the overall ‘big picture’: Before and After. We want you and your
clients to see from the start just how big a difference it makes when you use the right
techniques married to your photographer’s eye for shape and shadow, location and
form, and (of course) the right lingerie to develop the beauty of your model.
The next chapter is about Bringing Out the Best in Your Model. Although your ‘eye’,
skill and technique are all essential to unveiling the loveliness of your model, another
huge factor is making your model comfortable throughout her whole experience. When
a woman is able to relax and feel confident, you and she will find it easy to bring out her
natural beauty -- no matter what age, body type or level of sexiness she feels she

Friday, May 17, 2013

Madeleine's Photography
  • Photographer with an exceptional eye for detail, over 30 years of experience.
  • Digital Photography

  • Produce images for commercial use and advertisements for print and online media
  • Commercial/corporate photo services: including documentation of processes, employee headshots and general company images.  All combine to show the character and personality of the business
  • Create videos utilizing motion and still images
  • Quick Image turn-around of business head shots for use in social media or print
  • Image retouching, including removing imperfections, color correction and creating composite images
  • Maintain image archives of client work to insure access of creative team
  • Insure images are properly optimized for clients specifications
  • Consistently meet projects established deadline
  • Highly skilled with Photoshop, Lightroom and onOne software
  • Maintain a fully equipped, clean and organized, professional studio environment that allows for efficient workflow design
  • Manage on-location photo-shoots:  for national fashion magazines, hotel & spa advertising, corporate identity projects
  • Creation and editing of product images for print and web use