Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa barbara Boudoir photographer

Santa barbara Boudoir photographer
Madeleine creates the best Boudoir photography, very tasteful and creative in southern calif.based in santa barbara.

Santa barbara Boudoir photographer

Santa barbara Boudoir photographer
madeleine is the very best boudoir and lingere photography in southern calif madeleine is based in santa barbara calif

Monday, November 9, 2009

engagement photography

to see more Engagement photos go to

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

santa barbara family photography
Family photography is a great balance between keeping the interest of the family and taking photos quickly and concentrating on many shots in-between the poses so one has many natural and  fun non posed photos as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

commercial and advertising photography
Commercial photography has aways been on of my favert  challenges I love it to work with a client and give them way more then they expected so they will always come back, it challenging and I love it. I have been shooting commercial photography in Santa Barbara  for a long time and it is never the same always exciting and very joy rising.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

santa barbara high school photography

Santa barbara high school has a great callange these day to keep up with creative and artistic images and I can provide this all the time because im always striving to creat intersting not boring images

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall is here photos
What a fun photoshot with a beaufiful happy little girl at the pumkin pach on holister in Goleta.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

High School Senior Portraits
If anyone need High School Senior Portraits please call me to get the photos you realy want Because they make a statment about who you are, your differnt sides of your persionality in a way that makes you proud. Here is a sample of Beautiful inside and out Paulina King. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"Madeline Vite is one of the most inspirational photographic artists in Southern California. I felt very comfortable being directed by her. She has a caring, considerate and confidant manner when she works with people. She made me feel very relaxed in front of the camera. She has a great sense of humor and made my photo session fun and relaxing. I felt that Madeleine was attentive to my needs and she is aware of the smallest details. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of a top notch photographer."

Cathy Oniel

“When I was planning my wedding I did extensive research before I contacted any service providers. I paid critical attention to choosing a photographer. I realized early on that my photographer was going to capture moments I would miss in the rush of getting married and celebrating, and I didn't want to lose those moments forever. Further (and equally important to any bride!) I wanted a photographer who would make me, and my new husband, look as if we were naturally photogenic. When I saw Madeleine's website, I knew I had found the right photographer. From the moment we met her, we were amazed and compelled by Madeleine's work. She knows so much about photography that she is almost blase about her depth of knowledge! She went out of her way to visit our wedding and reception sites to gauge the lighting in advance of our wedding, and to scout out the best "photo op" places for us. Everything she did to prepare shows: our wedding photos are the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen. And, even more important to a bride, Dan and I both look gorgeous in every single shot. Madeleine makes you look as beautiful as you dream of looking. She is worth every penny of her fee, and I would hire her again in the thump of a NY heartbeat. She's that good.

Christina Manos Bocek

“Simply put Madeleine is AMAZING! Madeleine photographed our wedding 4 years ago and we could not have been happier. To this day our friends and family cherish the photo's she took on our very special wedding day. She is such an extraordinary talent and a wonderful person to work with. I just recently hired Madeleine (again) to take pregnancy photo's for us. We were in absolute awe when we saw the final results! I never thought I would feel beautiful at 8 months pregnant, but some how Madeleine not only made me look beautiful in the photo's but also made me feel comfortable and beautiful taking the photo's. We will continue to use Madeleine for ALL of the important events that take place in our lives and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a creative, kind, and inspirational photographer. Once again, she is the best!”

Barb Beainy

Chairperson and President, Greater Asia and SVP at Eastman Kodak Company

“I have been very fortunate to work with many talented professional photographers across the world. Madeleine Vite is an extraordinary photographer. She blends an exceptional photographic “eye” and talents with creativity, risk, and a fresh passionate “edge”. She uniquely combines a photojournalistic style with fantasy, fun and aspiration. She makes all people beautiful in her images. Due to her inspiration, creative insights, warmth and talent, her subjects reveal their energy, emotions and inner confidence. I asked Madeleine to shoot my wedding a year ago. She did a brilliant job. We had so many stunning images of everyone present during our special weekend to choose from for albums and gifts. Our guests were thrilled with her images. Additionally, Madeleine was delightful in her interactions with us, our families and friends before and during the events. Madeleine has also done some photo work for one of my businesses. She was creative, flexible, efficient and produced beautiful results. Madeleine Vite is wonderful. I heartily recommend her. She is amazing!”

Karen Smith Bogart

Fun With Cameras

I love playing with different Cameras

PMA Las Vegas

2009 PMA Las Vegas with my wonderful husband Mark Hudson who has a masters in photography. Mark works with ZBE as head of International Sales and Distibution and works with me on big weddings. ZBE makes the best wide format photographic printers in the world.

Large photo display of eight of my Images at PMA show

Wedding Photos in Italy

Madeleine on train in route to Merano, Italy - The most beautiful place for wedding photos!

Julian and Michael now have a beautiful Baby!


Beijing China: I was invited to give a photography seminar to Beijing studio owners

Sahra friend and model


Song Toe, owner of Kidsmile, has 25 Studios, over 1000 sessions a month great sense humor, was a China rock star before he got into the studio business.

Victor Hu and Sean Tao of Sky Top Digital, they invited me to do seminar for the studio owners.

Training session

Mr. Liu, fantastic wedding photography studio, called August Great Photography. He also has his own photography magazines. Does 3000 to 5000 wedding couples a year.

Jack Lin of Paris wedding Studio, 7000 to 10,000 wedding couples a year 350 employees

E-Pic wedding book manufacturer

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer

I love to photograph weddings, whether it is a small, intimate event or a gala affair with hundreds of guests. Either way you get my full attention to every detail and my unique combination of professionalism, artistic skill, and personal sensitivity. I am confident that through my gifted vision I will provide images of your wedding day that exceed your expectations. (Take a look at what others have said about my work.)

My photographic style for weddings includes: editorial, romantic, traditional, fashion, and artistic. You may choose to use any of these styles or any combination of them. I prepare sample photographs for each wedding prior to the special day so that I can cover the styles that you choose.

I am experienced in the wedding business and I know that the stress involved in putting together a wedding can, at times, be overwhelming and may create sensitive family challenges. You may rest assured that in these situations my demeanor will remain pleasant, unobtrusive, and professional. I'm always prepared to help smooth tense moments and bring out the joy of your wedding day in my images.

Being a seasoned professional I fully understand that even the most expensive equipment can and will eventually fail. As a result I always have professional backup equipment available on site. When necessary I retain the services of an experienced assistant so that I can provide the best possible coverage of your event.

Santa Barbara Kids Photography

Madeleine specializes in contemporary, unique natural light portraits of newborns, babies, children, tweens and teens. Her studio in Santa Barbara is perfect for the modern kid. She is available for editorial and commercial work nationwide.

If you are looking for a child photographer in Santa Barbara, California, please look at Madeleine's photography of Santa Barbara children. If you are planning a California vacation, please contact us as we love to travel to Los Angeles, San Diego, Carmel or Monterey to do family and children's photography.

Santa Barbara High School Senior Portrait

Santa Barbara High School Senior Photography

Madeleine's High School senior photography is artistic and palyfull. Her senior portraits are powerful, beautiful and filled with energy.

As your photographer, Madeleine creates a custom portrait photo session, just for you. You have a choice of many beautiful locations in Santa Barbara. Your senoir portrait session can be done at your home, or in Madeleine's studio. Madeleine has a background in fashion photography and professional modeling, she has been a professional photographer for over 20 years.

Madeleine's photography makes the most interesting high school senior photography images and is renowned, internationally, for her work. Madeleine's photo sessions are full of fun and very professional. You get to keep all your original images on a DVD.

Madeleine has been a professional photographer in Santa Barbara, Southern California for over twenty years. Her passion and expertise is in capturing the soul of a your children.

As a high school senior photographer, I am committed to providing you with a once in a lifetime experience as well as exceptional portraits and products tailored to your needs.
I create a fun and relaxed environment while working closely with you to capture your true personality in each of your lifestyle senior photos.


Santa Barbara High School Senior Portrait

My Name is Jordan, Madeleine created my senior portrtait in Santa Barbara. I did not know how to go about finding a great high school senior photographer in Santa Barbara. So, I searched the web and talked to friends here in town. I learned that Madeleine is the most creative non traditional photographer in Santa Barbara. Anyone who knew anything about photography recommended her.

I met with Madeleine at her studio and I knew right away that I was in the presence of a professional. She was very caring and understanding, I immediately felt comfortable with her. Madeleine set the mood with unique props and picked out the chothes to fit to my persionality. I could not believe how much fun the photo session turned out to be.

When we finished working in the studio and at the Santa Barbara location, Madeleine took me to her digital editing room and began to work on my pictures. She allowed me to help select the photos that I liked best. I was absolutely stunned by the quality of her work and what she was able to do with the photos in PhotoShop. Wow…I never realized how beautiful high school photography could be!

I will recommend Madeleine to all of my friends.

Jordan King, Santa Barbara, CA

Headshot Portraits for Business Professionals in Santa Barbara

Actors, artists and performers often include (or are required to include) a headshot, along with a bio and other photographs when auditioning for roles in theater, film, television, even radio voiceovers. A performer will often have several headshots (Portaits) featuring different poses and expressions to give a director or agent an idea of the subject's potential range of appearances.

These headshots or (lifstyle photos) can be very artistic in nature. Headshots may have the subject facing slightly off-center, possibly significantly so, or could be full on frontal as each individual's physical features are different, requiring poses that reflect a person's true visage.

Madeleine's Photography, of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, excells at capturing, in photographs, the very essence of her subjects. She is a master of lighting and composition, allowing her to reach a plateau of unspoken communication that allows ones inner truth to be calmly revealed and held still in a moment of time.

In addition to serving the needs of performing artists, Madeleine's Photography offers corporate and business portrait photography services. Serving the Business, Professional and Political community for over twenty five years in Southern California.

Corporate/Business photography services include: headshots, executive portraits and photographs used for publicity and public relations.

Photo Tips from Madeleine's Photography: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Southern California

Think about that first impression! Make sure your hair, makeup and overall look is the way you want to be perceived for an audition photo or when your photograph is used in a publication.

You can't slim down in 24 hours, but you can look thinner by making a few strategic clothing choices.
Go monochromatic; wearing one color from head to toe elongates your look. Dark tones enhance the effect. Wear what fits. Tight clothes can make you look heavier if you're not in perfect shape and clothing that is too loose may create an appearance of hiding something. If everything fits just right, you can give the illusion of being fit and in shape.
Bring a good selection of clothing! Never feel like you are bringing too much. When in doubt about what to bring, just bring it.
Dark outfits are recommended over light ones for theatrical headshots. Dark colors work beautifully and enhance skin tones. For commercial headshots or lifestyle photos bright colors work best.