Headshot Portraits for Business Professionals in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Headshot Portrait

Actors, artists and performers often include (or are required to include) a headshot, along with a bio and other photographs when auditioning for roles in theater, film, television, even radio voiceovers. A performer will often have several headshots (Portaits) featuring different poses and expressions to give a director or agent an idea of the subject's potential range of appearances.

These headshots or (lifstyle photos) can be very artistic in nature. Headshots may have the subject facing slightly off-center, possibly significantly so, or could be full on frontal as each individual's physical features are different, requiring poses that reflect a person's true visage.

Madeleine's Photography, of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, excells at capturing, in photographs, the very essence of her subjects. She is a master of lighting and composition, allowing her to reach a plateau of unspoken communication that allows ones inner truth to be calmly revealed and held still in a moment of time.

Santa Barbara Headshot Portrait

In addition to serving the needs of performing artists, Madeleine's Photography offers corporate and business portrait photography services. Serving the Business, Professional and Political community for over twenty five years in Southern California.

Corporate/Business photography services include: headshots, executive portraits and photographs used for publicity and public relations.

Santa Barbara Headshot Portrait

Photo Tips from Madeleine's Photography: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Southern California

Think about that first impression! Make sure your hair, makeup and overall look is the way you want to be perceived for an audition photo or when your photograph is used in a publication.

You can't slim down in 24 hours, but you can look thinner by making a few strategic clothing choices.
Go monochromatic; wearing one color from head to toe elongates your look. Dark tones enhance the effect. Wear what fits. Tight clothes can make you look heavier if you're not in perfect shape and clothing that is too loose may create an appearance of hiding something. If everything fits just right, you can give the illusion of being fit and in shape.
Bring a good selection of clothing! Never feel like you are bringing too much. When in doubt about what to bring, just bring it.
Dark outfits are recommended over light ones for theatrical headshots. Dark colors work beautifully and enhance skin tones. For commercial headshots or lifestyle photos bright colors work best.

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