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My wonderful husband has a Masters in Photography and assists me creating great images of  the men getting ready at large weddings.

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For twenty years I have been a successful, professional photographer, in Santa Barbara, California, where I operate a full service studio. My background is in fashion, commercial and fine art photography.
My work has been featured in the New York Center of Fine Arts, and the Chelsea Art Museum, New York.
My photographs have been published internationally in numerous magazines and books, postcards, and posters. Z Galleries distributed my posters nationally.
L'Oreal cosmetics chose one of my photographs to represent the thirty-year anniversary celebration of the advertising campaign "Because I'm Worth It". The image was auctioned for donation to ovarian cancer research.
My work attends acutely to the subject, whether it is carefully evoking someone's personality or capturing that element in everything we see.
Photography is the tool that I use to communicate my visual language.
I love to photograph weddings, whether it is a small, intimate event or a gala affair with hundreds of guests. Either way you get my full attention to every detail and my unique combination of professionalism, artistic skill, and personal sensitivity. I am confident that through my gifted vision I will provide images of your wedding day that exceed your expectations. (Take a look at what others have said about my work.)
My photographic style for weddings includes: editorial, romantic, traditional, fashion, and artistic. You may choose to use any of these styles or any combination of them. I prepare sample photographs for each wedding prior to the special day so that I can cover the styles that you choose.
I am experienced in the wedding business and I know that the stress involved in putting together a wedding can, at times, be overwhelming and may create sensitive family challenges. You may rest assured that in these situations my demeanor will remain pleasant, unobtrusive, and professional. I'm always prepared to help smooth tense moments and bring out the joy of your wedding day in my images.
Being a seasoned professional I fully understand that even the most expensive equipment can and will eventually fail. As a result I always have professional backup equipment available on site. When necessary I retain the services of an experienced assistant so that I can provide the best possible coverage of your event.
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