Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"Madeline Vite is one of the most inspirational photographic artists in Southern California. I felt very comfortable being directed by her. She has a caring, considerate and confidant manner when she works with people. She made me feel very relaxed in front of the camera. She has a great sense of humor and made my photo session fun and relaxing. I felt that Madeleine was attentive to my needs and she is aware of the smallest details. I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of a top notch photographer."

Cathy Oniel

“When I was planning my wedding I did extensive research before I contacted any service providers. I paid critical attention to choosing a photographer. I realized early on that my photographer was going to capture moments I would miss in the rush of getting married and celebrating, and I didn't want to lose those moments forever. Further (and equally important to any bride!) I wanted a photographer who would make me, and my new husband, look as if we were naturally photogenic. When I saw Madeleine's website, I knew I had found the right photographer. From the moment we met her, we were amazed and compelled by Madeleine's work. She knows so much about photography that she is almost blase about her depth of knowledge! She went out of her way to visit our wedding and reception sites to gauge the lighting in advance of our wedding, and to scout out the best "photo op" places for us. Everything she did to prepare shows: our wedding photos are the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen. And, even more important to a bride, Dan and I both look gorgeous in every single shot. Madeleine makes you look as beautiful as you dream of looking. She is worth every penny of her fee, and I would hire her again in the thump of a NY heartbeat. She's that good.

Christina Manos Bocek

“Simply put Madeleine is AMAZING! Madeleine photographed our wedding 4 years ago and we could not have been happier. To this day our friends and family cherish the photo's she took on our very special wedding day. She is such an extraordinary talent and a wonderful person to work with. I just recently hired Madeleine (again) to take pregnancy photo's for us. We were in absolute awe when we saw the final results! I never thought I would feel beautiful at 8 months pregnant, but some how Madeleine not only made me look beautiful in the photo's but also made me feel comfortable and beautiful taking the photo's. We will continue to use Madeleine for ALL of the important events that take place in our lives and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a creative, kind, and inspirational photographer. Once again, she is the best!”

Barb Beainy

Chairperson and President, Greater Asia and SVP at Eastman Kodak Company

“I have been very fortunate to work with many talented professional photographers across the world. Madeleine Vite is an extraordinary photographer. She blends an exceptional photographic “eye” and talents with creativity, risk, and a fresh passionate “edge”. She uniquely combines a photojournalistic style with fantasy, fun and aspiration. She makes all people beautiful in her images. Due to her inspiration, creative insights, warmth and talent, her subjects reveal their energy, emotions and inner confidence. I asked Madeleine to shoot my wedding a year ago. She did a brilliant job. We had so many stunning images of everyone present during our special weekend to choose from for albums and gifts. Our guests were thrilled with her images. Additionally, Madeleine was delightful in her interactions with us, our families and friends before and during the events. Madeleine has also done some photo work for one of my businesses. She was creative, flexible, efficient and produced beautiful results. Madeleine Vite is wonderful. I heartily recommend her. She is amazing!”

Karen Smith Bogart

Fun With Cameras

I love playing with different Cameras

PMA Las Vegas

2009 PMA Las Vegas with my wonderful husband Mark Hudson who has a masters in photography. Mark works with ZBE as head of International Sales and Distibution and works with me on big weddings. ZBE makes the best wide format photographic printers in the world.

Large photo display of eight of my Images at PMA show

Wedding Photos in Italy

Madeleine on train in route to Merano, Italy - The most beautiful place for wedding photos!

Julian and Michael now have a beautiful Baby!


Beijing China: I was invited to give a photography seminar to Beijing studio owners

Sahra friend and model


Song Toe, owner of Kidsmile, has 25 Studios, over 1000 sessions a month great sense humor, was a China rock star before he got into the studio business.

Victor Hu and Sean Tao of Sky Top Digital, they invited me to do seminar for the studio owners.

Training session

Mr. Liu, fantastic wedding photography studio, called August Great Photography. He also has his own photography magazines. Does 3000 to 5000 wedding couples a year.

Jack Lin of Paris wedding Studio, 7000 to 10,000 wedding couples a year 350 employees

E-Pic wedding book manufacturer