Why Hire an Experienced Professional Photographer?

Why hire an experienced professional wedding photographer?  The shutter of the camera quickly clicks to capture each precious moment of your wedding day forever, but prior to that, the average professional wedding photographer has spends allot of hours in continuing education classes.   This helps to ensure that all of your photos will be of the very best quality using the most advanced photographic techniques.   Your professional wedding photographer will also spend typically 8-10 hours with you and your loved ones during your wedding day.  When he/she gets back into the studio, there is also approximately 6-8 hours of back-end time for every 1 hour of shooting time.  This includes the editing- sorting down from 1500 + images (we look at them all) to a manageable number (this alone takes around 8 hours) as well as uploading them to the internet.   When each photo that you view sparks those wonderful happy thoughts and emotions that you had during your special day, your professional  wedding photographer smiles because he/she knows that you are well-pleased.   You can be assured that when you hire an experienced professional wedding photographer, you are hiring someone who took the time before, during, and after your wedding to make it perfect for you & that is certainly well worth your investment.  

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