What do we need to do to get ready for our photos?

Family photos 

"What do we need to do, to get ready for our photos?" 
To answer this question, you must decide on a few things.
A) Do I want my pictures indoors or outdoors
B) How many people are going to be in the picture?
C) Are we going to have the family pet in the picture? 
D) Do we want to match, or should we all just wear nice clothes? 
In my opinion, the last question is really the most important one. I feel that the family photos with matching  white shirts, or blue jeans with matching colored sweaters can be very nice. Some families go a totally different route, and just wear nice clothes for pictures.
I have found when photographing families, the most important thing for people to remember is, just look nice for pictures. Whether you're matching, or just dressing up, look nice. 

Things to avoid before pictures: 
A) Going out the night before
B) Getting a haircut too close to your picture date
C) Wearing something super trendy
D) Wearing patterns, that will obviously not be in style in 10 years
E) come well feed so no one gets moody during the photo shot
F) Tanning too much before pictures. 
This Family photography by madphoto.com in Santa Barbara california photo-shot is in madphoto.com studio.It was shot witch a combination of fine art photography and just capturing this beautiful family together.