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Madeleine of madphoto does the make-up Hair and is also a color consultant and provides some clothing as well

Madeleine Choosing the SharpColors for You.....

When trying on clothing, look in the mirror and think, does this color really look good on me? Does this green bring out my eyes or dull my skin tone? Does this orange bring out the richness of my skin or make my face look red? If the answers to these new questions aren’t immediately obvious, keep asking them. Understanding what looks best on you is a skill that requires practice. Try these tips:
Need more help? For a complete evaluation of what colors look best on you, look for a color consultant in your area.
Color consultants analyze hair, eyes and skin to find their customers’ best colors. According to Marcia Levake, wearing the wrong clothes can make under-eye circles appear darker, can make hair appear "mousy" by hiding natural highlights, and can distort the skin tone’s appearance. "The right color can harmonize your whole look," says Levake.