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Boudoir Photography Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81


Age 80
age 40
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Boudoir Photography 
Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81

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Boudoir Photography 
Tips for presenting todays stunning women aged 21 to 81
Photos by madphoto.com  Madeleine Vite
Text by Kyre Adept
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Every woman has beauty to reveal, whether she is 21 or 81, or any age in between.
That is the main focus of this book: to show you how to bring that beauty to light.
Have you ever looked at a wonderful photograph of a woman in lingerie and thought,
“How can I do that?” This book is for you.
Have you ever wondered if/how you could look as delicious as that model? This book is
for you.
Have you ever despaired of showing your true beauty as a mature woman when all the
models seem so young and overly thin? This book is for you.
Have you ever taken picture after picture without quite knowing how to make it look as
utterly wonderful as the pros? This book is for you.
Just to start with, here is a before-and-after example what what boudoir photography
can do: a pretty woman made more beautiful by the right clothes, pose and makeup.
Lingerie photography is an emotional art form as well as an adventure for everyone
involved. Your camera - and the vision behind it - is like a magic wand that has the
ability to transform a humble caterpillar into a gorgeous butterfly. As you learn and
practice the techniques in this book, your own talent and ability to ‘see’ the beauty of
your models will give you more confidence. That will attract people you know, and
people you want to know, and you will delight in being able to show other women just
how wonderful they can look.
Seeing this beauty and learning to develop it through these techniques will encourage
your models and the people around them to appreciate qualities that might have been
hidden before. As you develop those ‘photographic muscles’, you will uncover the inner
rewards of your own creativity; these will enhance your life and make you feel valued
and appreciated. After all, as a photographer, you are doing something very special:
helping someone else feel beautiful and sexy at any time of her life.
Our aim here, as a photographer (Madeleine) and writer (Kyre) is to show you a picture
that you have never seen before: the image of yourself as a photographer capable of
greater images than you have achieved to date. We know that you are interested in
photography (or you wouldn’t have picked up this book), and we trust that with a little
coaching (and a few examples) your innate talent will be able to blossom to new
heights. Sometimes we need another person to share their techniques and also to hold
us to a new standard, in faith and trust. That is what we hope to do for you as you read
this book, try out these proven techniques, focus on the images we love to take, and
enjoy your own photographs (which will get better and better as you learn to ‘see’ the
various factors we discuss and demonstrate here).
As you can see from the Table of Contents, we have broken down the material into
manageable chunks. You can use this book any way you like: flip through at random,
work your way through the material sequentially, or just dive in at the chapters that
appeal to you the most. Everyone works in a different way, and our job is to provide the
material in ways that appeal to your logical left brain as well as your creative right brain.
When your whole brain works together as one, the results can be outstanding!
So we start with the overall ‘big picture’: Before and After. We want you and your
clients to see from the start just how big a difference it makes when you use the right
techniques married to your photographer’s eye for shape and shadow, location and
form, and (of course) the right lingerie to develop the beauty of your model.
The next chapter is about Bringing Out the Best in Your Model. Although your ‘eye’,
skill and technique are all essential to unveiling the loveliness of your model, another
huge factor is making your model comfortable throughout her whole experience. When
a woman is able to relax and feel confident, you and she will find it easy to bring out her
natural beauty -- no matter what age, body type or level of sexiness she feels she

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Madeleine's Photography
  • Photographer with an exceptional eye for detail, over 30 years of experience.
  • Digital Photography

  • Produce images for commercial use and advertisements for print and online media
  • Commercial/corporate photo services: including documentation of processes, employee headshots and general company images.  All combine to show the character and personality of the business
  • Create videos utilizing motion and still images
  • Quick Image turn-around of business head shots for use in social media or print
  • Image retouching, including removing imperfections, color correction and creating composite images
  • Maintain image archives of client work to insure access of creative team
  • Insure images are properly optimized for clients specifications
  • Consistently meet projects established deadline
  • Highly skilled with Photoshop, Lightroom and onOne software
  • Maintain a fully equipped, clean and organized, professional studio environment that allows for efficient workflow design
  • Manage on-location photo-shoots:  for national fashion magazines, hotel & spa advertising, corporate identity projects
  • Creation and editing of product images for print and web use

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Food Photography by madphoto.com Chef & Chocolatier Kyre Adept-French Cook book

Recipes/text by
Kyre Adept, chef and chocolatier
Images by
Madeleine Vite, photographer extraordinaire
Or how to delight your friends with luscious potluck dishes and desserts!
A cookbook based around films, and sent out ut
via the internet? What could be more fun?!
You’ll find that there is almost no wheat, pork,
and definitely no shellfish in this cookbook.
Recipes are marked as vegan, vegetarian and/
or gluten-free. As much as possible, the cooking
is done at home, with a gap allowed for transport,
and a minimum of assembly on site. And
there is way too much chocolate - yum!
Naturally, these recipes are organized by the
type of film that they most resemble:
1. Shorts are soups, appetizers and relishes.
2. Cult Favorites are vegetarian dishes.
3. Independents are fish recipes.
4. Dramas are chicken and duck recipes.
5. Thrillers are clearly meat dishes.
6. Romances refer to chocolate recipes.
7. Comedies are non-chocolate desserts.
Why will you love this cookbook? Because
these recipes are great for sharing: you can
easily stretch them, they travel well, and most
are surprisingly simple to make. So have fun,
experiment, and with a little practice, you can be
the toast of your own film, craft, church, dance
or potluck group!


Spring Cowgirl Magazine fashion photography by madphoto.com