Food Photography by MadPhoto

Recipes/text by
Kyre Adept, chef and chocolatier
Images by
Madeleine Vite, photographer extraordinaire
Or how to delight your friends with luscious potluck dishes and desserts!
A cookbook based around films, and sent out ut
via the internet? What could be more fun?!
You’ll find that there is almost no wheat, pork,
and definitely no shellfish in this cookbook.
Recipes are marked as vegan, vegetarian and/
or gluten-free. As much as possible, the cooking
is done at home, with a gap allowed for transport,
and a minimum of assembly on site. And
there is way too much chocolate - yum!
Naturally, these recipes are organized by the
type of film that they most resemble:
1. Shorts are soups, appetizers and relishes.
2. Cult Favorites are vegetarian dishes.
3. Independents are fish recipes.
4. Dramas are chicken and duck recipes.
5. Thrillers are clearly meat dishes.
6. Romances refer to chocolate recipes.
7. Comedies are non-chocolate desserts.
Why will you love this cookbook? Because
these recipes are great for sharing: you can
easily stretch them, they travel well, and most
are surprisingly simple to make. So have fun,
experiment, and with a little practice, you can be
the toast of your own film, craft, church, dance
or potluck group!