How to Take Good Photos of Flat Artwork with Your Phone

If what you want to sell is flat artwork, then it’s a good idea to photograph it flat on the ground, standing above the piece (but making sure that your shadow doesn’t cover any of what you want to shoot).  
Get a roll of grey medium-weight paper, which can be bought by the roll at most camera stores.  Lay it out and carefully place your artwork so that there are no wrinkles or shadows.  It’s best to take your pictures at high noon, with the sunlight shining straight down on the art piece;  this way there will be no shadows to get in your way.  
Stand on a step stool in front of and above the artwork.  Make sure you get the whole image in your viewfinder.  As much as possible, shoot from directly over the piece, so it doesn’t get distorted.  I shot this one in my driveway, on a very slight slope. 
If you’re shooting in full sun, your phone camera will probably set itself for the fastest shutter speed, and you’ll get the best details.  

Afterwards, you can crop the image with the trimming or cropping tool in Photoshop or in Snapseed.
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