MadPhoto Shoots Modeling Headshots

Actor & modeling head-shots are what casting directors, managers and agents need to know about you at a glance. Casting directors need to see why they should hire you. Your head-shots should show what makes you uniquely interesting. Agencies want to see what is bookable about you. You know what kind of first impression you want to make with your headshot. During your photo shoot, Madeleine Vite of in southern Calif Santa Barbara county, works to bring out your most bookable image.
It's not about making a beautiful image of you. In fact, a pretty picture might not be what you need at all. To ensure your image has the strongest impact, Madeleine will talk with you about the roles you are inspired to play. You will discuss what type of clothing to bring and how many outfit changes to ensure your actor & modeling headshots make a strong first impression.
During the session, Madeleine creates a fun and relaxing environment so that the camera captures you authentically.  After the session, you will immediately review the images with Madeline and make the final decisions on which ones work best for you. Each photo will intrigue the viewer and evoke specific feelings.
Madeleine looks forward to collaborating with you and helping you take a great step forward in your career. Beautiful actor & modeling head-shots are a great way to make a lasting impression. The Model below did receive high interest from a very big LA modeling and talent agency within hours after our photo-shot.